Blogger Vandana’s Trendy Look Book

Fashion blogger Vandana creates some amazing styles and looks for the divva’s to carry. From the floral days to the star-studded nights, get it all in her amazing outfit post:

This season with Trendy Divva,
refresh the memories with its lively, energetic, youthful campaign #backtocollege.


Say goodbye to the days when fashion was the property of the petite. And we “the sizes that don’t do fashion” were available in separate stores with limited options.

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Talk about the Oomph factor!!

GownsTrendy Divva in its new collection called the “The Divva’s Gown Gallery” brings a traditional touch to the modern concept to break conventions of fashion.

tdsummer3Toned up legs, floral designs, short skirts, rain dance, pool parties and not to forget the juicy fresh fruits. You guessed it right, summer is here and it is time for our divas to step up and beat the heat with the new look that Trendy Divva has in store for you.