Hey you bellas! You know what; you are already pretty but this summer let’s get pretty in pastels! Soft hues are this summer’s’ hottest fashion trend.

Pastels like soft pink or baby blues, or peach or nudes are ethereal colours that exude a romantic yet sophisticated vibe. This vibe is exactly the one which is perfect for this season. All you need to do is buy a pastel and put it in your wardrobe, style it your way and you’ll rock the fashion trend for this spring summer 2018.

summers in style with TRENDY DIVVA 1

There’s an abundance of minty pink tops and shirts, off whites and peach available at the moment. And where to find them? Well, no hustle, just one click- on

Now pastels are not a collection of colours that usually make it into everyones wardrobe. However as you can see from the product above, pastels look ace with greys and whites and denim. So, it’s the time to hop and shop for your favorite style but in a solid pastel colour and make a style statement while all others pop their eyes watching you all trendy.

If you’re looking for a way to inject a bit of summer into your wardrobe then I reckon ice cream hues are the way forward. Also sheer tops in pastel colours with a solid colour , preferably white is a good to go for any shade of sheer pastel top as it will enhance the colour of your outfit. Not just you’ll look pretty in pastel but also set be called a style icon as soon as you step down that street!

                                                                                            A little mix-a little Match

Hey you! Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pastels. Take a little white , a little pink and add it to your denim look, or keep the contrast.

But while doing so make sure you stick to two or a maximum of three different shades. Always remember, keep your outfit simple and the details on your outfit to a minimum. This way you can never go wrong while experimenting the ‘mix and match’ with your pastels. You could start with accessories to ensure that your outfit looks elegant and not overdone. You can always select designer formal dresses from Trendy diva and flaunt out the beautiful you!

There are numerous beautiful dresses available for ladies, tops, bottoms etc in pastel shades.

Pair a nude/pink dress or top with a mint green handbag and a pair of lavender heels. This should give you a flirty yet sophisticated and feminine look perfect for a lunch date.
Want to know more? Well, slide into the shop section of trendy divva and you can do wonders with pastels!
Stay pretty in pastels and rock your summers in style with TRENDY DIVVA!

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